At Blessed Hope Bible Church we are



We exist for the sole purpose of declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a result, we are not aligned with any political party or agenda.  Our goal is to Preach Christ and Him crucified.



From the moment you enter our sanctuary, until the final benediction is given, the Spirit of the Lord is present and moving in the hearts and lives of His saints.  And we rely on the leading of The Holy Spirit in every area of ministry.  The Holy Spirit empowers us to holy virtue and godly living.



We believe that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God; that it is inerrant, and that it is immutable.  We look to the Bible as our source for instruction, encouragement and comfort.



At Blessed Hope we believe that Christian service is critical to being an effective witness for Jesus Christ.  All of our members at Blessed Hope are active in some area of ministry or service. 



At Blessed Hope, we do not regard ourselves as members we are family!  Everyone at Blessed Hope is special, and we strive as a family to glorify Christ and share His goodness with the world.


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